Anonymous asked:

How does W&M do orientation differently? I'm so nervous! But super excited too!

At many other schools, freshman will come in the middle of the summer, and it will mainly be logistic stuff like campus tours/registration/blah blah. W&M is different because we do a long orientation leading right up to when classes begin and our orientation is MUCH more fun! It’s all about Tribe pride. You really get to know your hallmates and get a feel for what W&M is really like. We have a phrase “One Tribe, One Family” and we totally mean it. Sounds cliche, but being yourself is THE best thing to do because you’re more likely to find the right friends. It’s okay to be nervous! But I promise you, you won’t have time to think about the nerves because we the OAs throw you into awesome activities once you get there. Welcome to the family!